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It is high time to enrich our family values and togetherness!! Let us Connect all our family members and make Melappilly an ideal family in our society in a modern attitude.
    Ancestral Heroes
Birth (14-01-1933)  Death (16-02-1997)

Melappilly is a well known family  in Angamaly. The ancestors of our family were basically agriculturists. The great man Mr. Paily was a man who had a great vision towards his life. He had contributed a lot to the social, financial, and cultural development of Melappilly family. He was a very dynamic personality and a contributor to the society in which he lived. He was a very famous man and pioneer of the Quarry business in Elavoor and Puliyanam in Angamaly. The Puliyanam bricks still keep up the brand position in the brick industry in Kerala.

Mr. Paily was a front line player of liquor contract business in Angamaly. He owned a large number of friends which included politicians, business men, professionals and so on. He was a strong believer of Christianity and was an active member of Church related services. He had been gifted with nine children and his wife Annam who belongs to Pereppadan family, Angamaly. People always lovingly called him “Paily Chettan”. We  feel so proud and happy when people still say the name ‘Paily Chettan’. He is still living in us, ‘Our beloved Father’.

M P Paily
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